Connection Systems and Accessories


Our interconnecting polycarbonate or aluminum profiles connect multiple multiwall sheets to cover large areas. They add no weight and lie flush with the sheets. They are UV-resistant and provide excellent sealing for roofs and inclined walls, because they do not obstruct light at connection points. Our profiles are available in unlimited lengths, are easy to handle and install, and suit most roofing, curtain wall and cladding applications.

Recommended Uses

Our profiles suit most roofing, curtain wall, and cladding applications and cut to size plastic sheets.

Polygal Systems

ECP 2G Polygal System

Connection system for polycarbonate profiles designed to connect multiwall polycarbonate sheets with thicknesses between 4 mm to 10 mm. Profiles can easily be connected together to form reliable joints. Manufactured in all standard colors, in lengths of 6 m or 12 m.

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GCP Polygal System

Connection system for polycarbonate profiles with integrated co-extruded gaskets, designed to connect multiwall polycarbonate sheets with thicknesses between 6 mm to 16 mm. Provides a very well sealed connection, manufactured in all standard colors, in lengths of 6 m or 12 m

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 MGL Polygal System

Aluminium glazing system designed to connect multiwall polycarbonate sheets with thicknesses between 6 mm to 16 mm. Provides a rigid and sealed connection. Length up to 6 m.

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 UP edge profiles

Polycarbonate Edge Profiles

Professional installation requires careful attention to detail. Plazit Polygal Group produces a range of high-quality components for the installation of multi wall polycarbonate sheets.




Applications: ArchitectureHome environment and Signage