Co-extruded layers on the outer surface of Polygal Multi Wall PC sheets. Such layers makes it possible to control the quality of light penetrating an enclosed space by absorbing and reflecting some parts of solar radiation range.


Special selective layers of Polygal polycarbonate multi wall sheets developed by Plazit-Polygal are one of the most advanced achievements in this field. 

Polygal polyshade350


PolyShade - 

Layer of polycarbonate structured sheets produces a special metallic shading effect. The PolyShade layer contains a special pigment that adds metallic luster to the surface and provides an optimal level of solar radiation reflection to prevent overheating of a room. The PolyShade layered sheets are manufactured with different colors: silver, metallic blue and metallic green; and of different thickness, ranging from 8 to 16 mm


 Polygal primalite350



Unique selective layer that selectively reflects a large portion of the Near Infra-Red solar radiation, while transmitting more of the visible light radiation. The Primalite layered sheets are manufactured with different thickness, ranging from 8 to 32 mm


 Polygal polycoolite350



Selective layer is specifically designed to supply plants natural solar light needs for photosynthesis. It blocks the UV, supplies high blue and red reflects heat from the unused green. It reflects undesirable excess heat from the infrared range.


 Polygal silhouette350



With it's sophisticated and lustrous exterior surface, radiates elegance and good taste, available in a variety of formats, the Silhouette sheet features outstanding reflective qualities and selectivity making it an excellent choice and suitable for all daylight coverings. The Silhouette layered sheets are manufactured with different thickness, ranging from 8 to 32 mm


 Polygal spring350



A transparent sheet with a special co-extrusion layer on the external side of the sheet under the UV protective layer “Spring” blocks the invisible IR solar radiation & heat. Result - Lower temperatures (less heat enters the structure), but still allow maximum light to enter the structure. The Spring layered sheets are manufactured with different colors: blue and green, and different thickness, ranging from 8 to 32 mm


 Polygal rainbow350



Special optical affects in Polygal’s Rainbow sheets combine with the angle of the light to change the sheet color (e.g. from purple to green), thus the Rainbow sheets by Polygal present a unique harmony that is both dynamic and varied.