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With over 45 years of experience, PLAZIT-POLYGAL is a pioneer and world leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of thermoplastic sheets and profiles. With products used worldwide in a broad range of markets and applications, PLAZIT-POLYGAL bridges innovation, quality, and service as it’s cornerstone for success. PLAZIT-POLYGAL continually provides products known worldwide for outstanding durability, strength, light transmission, specialty coatings, ease of installation and superior quality. These products provide optimal performance and solutions for walkways, canopies, pool coverings, skylights, roof systems, clerestories, commercial and residential greenhouses, interior design, P-O-P displays, signage, window glazing and much more.

Circular Economy as a way of life

We are committed to our vision – making a genuine contribution to improving Earth’s ecological situation.
Recycling is no longer an X-rated word but a requirement, and the entire plastic industry is rallying to adhere to local

and global standards and directives. That’s why we have launched a new product line, made entirely of recycled materials.


PLAZIT-POLYGAL has earned an industry-wide reputation for uncompromising quality and innovation and is certified for ISO 9001:2000 as well as many additional international engineering standards (available upon demand). With product development and technical support throughout the world, PLAZIT-POLYGAL is dedicated to offering world-class customer service, ensuring the company’s ability to maintain their competitive market edge.

Global Presence

PLAZIT-POLYGAL remains close to the market serving over 60 countries with international subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities, along with multiple distribution outlets worldwide.

Serving North American, Canadian and Mexican markets, Location: Main Plant – Charlotte, NC, USA, 3 Additional Storage & Distribution Facilities

Serving Latin American Markets, Located in Casablanca, Valparaíso – Chile


Serving Worldwide Markets, Location: Girona, Spain

Serving European Markets, Location: Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Serving Israeli and International Markets, Location: Kibbutz Gazit, Israel


PLAZIT-POLYGAL’s expertise in polycarbonate applications is matched by a deep understanding of the needs of the architectural and agricultural sectors. PLAZIT-POLYGAL has developed a wide range of innovative products and confirmed their position as an innovator in the thermoplastic sheeting industry.


Full Range

Multi-Wall Sheets

PLAZIT-POLYGAL offers an extensive offering of polycarbonate multiwall products and accessories, fulfilling the requirements of most any application; whether you want to let the light in and keep the heat out in summer… or let the light and heat in for winter, PLAZIT-POLYGAL can provide a value-added solution for your project.

Solid Sheets

PLAZIT-POLYGAL offers extruded acrylic and polycarbonate solid sheets in gauges ranging from 1.5mm – 12.7mm in both general purpose and UV resistant grades. Specialty Polycarbonate sheet products include thin gauges down to .75mm, fire-retardant, abrasion resistant sheets coatings as well as run-to-size sheets and impact acrylic grades.

Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated Solid PC sheets are high quality, lightweight, easy to install and have superior physical properties which make them ideal for roofing applications. Products are available in transparent, translucent and diffused finishes with various light transmission characteristics.

Recycled Sheets

Recycling is one of the top priorities in the activities and vision of the Plazit-Polygal Group.
We have researched, invested and developed unique advanced recycling technologies and production
capabilities that sets new standards in the plastic sheets industry and will help in preserving the environment.


Over 1000 employees around the world


Over 45 Years of experience


Production Sites: U.S.A Chile Bulgaria Israel Spain


Over 1200 Distributors and Customers


Operating In over 50 countries


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