Growing side-by-side with the rapidly growing Russian market

The Plazit-Polygal Group, one of the world's leading companies in extrusion manufactured thermoplastic panels, is expanding its production operations in its plant in Russia.
Operating for over 15 years, Plazit-Polygal Vostok is increasing its production capacity and adding yet another solid sheet production line, which, according to Vostok CEO Avraham Zadaka, "will enable the company to grow and continue to supply the rapidly developing Russian market."
According to Maxim Svintsionnik, VP Marketing, "We intend to expand our production to new polymer types thus creating a situation in which Plazit-Polygal becomes a one-stop-shop for our customers in Russia."
Thanks to the now increased production capacity, Plazit-Polygal Vostok continues to improve its marketing and distribution channels by establishing warehouses and stock levels in various locations throughout the country.
According to Avraham Zadaka, the Russian market demands both quality and service and as usual, Plazit-Polygal Vostok will continue to lead the market.

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