PLAZCRYL – The optimal solution for outdoor applications

When looking for a plastic sheet that can withstand the effects of rain, or sun, Plazit-Polygal’s PLAZCRYL extruded Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) solid sheets are the product of choice. With their proved life-long UV-resistance, PLAZCRYL sheets offer a sturdy and durable solution optimal for outdoor applications such as noise reduction barriers, skylights, domes, automotive applications and many more.

Half the weight of glass, PLAZCRYL sheets are also easily thermoformed, machined, polished, glue bonded and reshaped. Along with their exceptionally high transparency, 92% light transmission with under 1% haze, their bright clarity, excellent color stability and excellent transparency, PLAZCRYL allows designers to
create high quality, attractive and aesthetic constructions.

With no carcinogenic or hazardous substances, PLAZCRYL sheets are also 100% recyclable providing an environmentally friendly solution. 

PLAZCRYL PMMA sheets are available in 0.70-30.0 mm and in four standard widths – 1000, 1220, 1250 and 2050 mm. The sheets are offered in a variety of colors and UV protection coatings with a large selection of reflective colors.

With their solid structure, low weight, superior rigidity and excellent weather resistance PLAZCRYL sheets ensure optimum light transmission and are the perfect solution for architects and interior designers.

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