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Covered Walkways

Plazit-Polygal sheets are easy to install, handle and repair and offer superior light transmission admitting maximum natural light.

With their light weight, requiring no additional structural support, our sheets are the easy, practical and economical solution for roof construction over walkways and large areas.



  • Excellent light transmission
  • Light weight
  • Wide span
  • Superior sheet strength and durability
  • Higher clarity
  • Economic solution - Excellent thermal insulation
  • Easy to install and repair - No additional structural support required
  • Radiation filtering coatings


Supplied in different colors and thicknesses, and all of the highest quality, Plazit-Polygal sheets are ideal for covered walkway projects. Our large variety of product lines offer an assortment of suitable solutions: Plazcryl, Titan Sky, Topgal, Monogal, Plazcast

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