Sign Box

Selecting the correct plastic material for the manufacture of display signage is crucial to the illumination, visibility and durability of your signs. Thickness, light transmission and printability are among the critical factors involved in selecting the right product from Plazit-Polygal's plastic sheeting range, which can be used to create a huge variety of signage types and display options.

Plazit-Polygal solid Plazcryl or Plazcast or Multi-Wall structured plastic sheets are easy to bend and cut to size as needed and can be used for multiple signage solution. They allow for large scale designs, artistic usage of sunlight, color and lighting elements and are the optimal solution for sign and interior designers.

Thanks to our vast experience, we can recommend the best type of plastic to select for your sign design.


  • High clarity and transparency
  • Light weight
  • Wide span
  • Superior sheet strength and durability
  • Easy to install and repair
  • Wide range of colors and thicknesses


Supplied in different colors and thicknesses, and all of the highest quality, Plazit-Polygal sheets are ideal for sign boxes. Our large variety of product lines offer an assortment of suitable solutions: PLAZCRYL, PLAZCAST, MULTI-WALL STANDARD

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