PETG Sheets
PETG Sheets

PETG sheets are thermoplastic sheets made of a material named Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol, hence the name. The PETG sheets’ properties make them ideal for use in a variety of industries and for a range of applications. They are outstanding, for example, in their high heat resistance up to 60° for service use, their exceptional strength and their resistance to melting and breakage. These sheets are used mainly in the packaging industry, in the manufacture of advertising boards and in the production of various types of electronic insulators. In addition, PETG is used extensively also in the 3D printing industry.

How are the sheets manufactured and what are they used for?

PETG is manufactured using the extrusion process. It can be used for a variety of industrial applications such as the food and beverage industry, as a material from which food containers and beverage bottles are made, and it is also used for packaging various cosmetic products. The medical industry also uses PETG extensively, for example in the manufacture of implants and in packaging of medical and pharmaceutical products.

Another common use of PETG sheets is in the advertising and billboard industries. The fact that it is easy to paint the product makes it the ideal candidate for creating display and advertising signs.

Another field which has been growing steadily in recent years is the 3D printing industry, where PETG sheets have been rapidly gaining ground. 3D printers are becoming more and more common and the technology is developing rapidly. The properties of the PETG make it exceptionally suited for such printing. Thus, professionals manufacturing 3D models of their work can use this material, which is low-cost, chemically resistant and odorless when printing with it.

The Advantages of Using PETG Sheets

There are several main advantages to using PETG sheets even when compared with other equivalent materials like acrylic and polycarbonate. The most significant advantage is that they are exceedingly strong and durable. In addition to that they are highly resistant to heat, even at the highest temperatures they retain their strength and remain resistant to breakage and damage. This durability means PETG can be used in the 3D printing industry, it can be used for making display signs and billboards, etc.

Another advantage of the PETG sheets is that they are recyclable. The thermoplastic material manufacturing process consumes large quantities of natural resources. It is therefore an even more significant advantage that these sheets can be recycled. When breaking down the PETG, it is possible to recover its component materials for use in manufacturing new polymers from the existing material.

Another advantage of the PETG sheets is that they can cost up to 40% less than the equivalent commercially-available materials. This is a substantial price difference that can considerably reduce manufacturing costs in a variety of industries, making the choice of this material even more worthwhile when having to make the choice between different plastic materials.

In terms of their suitability for creating formed products, the PETG sheets are transparent when they are made. They can then be given any desired shade, resulting in colorful outputs in any style and with any design, suited perfectly to their intended use.


PETG sheets are exceptionally strong, durable thermoplastic sheets. Not every plastic material features such high durability and therefore its advantages can be used in countless industrial applications. Plazit-Polygal manufactures high-quality PETG sheets to a high manufacturing standard, just as it does with all its other thermoplastic materials. The PETG sheets are substantially cheaper than equivalent plastic materials and, when combined with their other advantages, they are the ideal candidates for a broad range of industrial manufacturing fields.

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