Plastic sheets manufactured using different technologies and raw materials provide a solution for every use
Our range of products provides a solution for indoor and outdoor uses, optical applications, uses requiring special mechanical resistance, chemical resistance, thermoforming and more. We will be happy to take you on a short guided tour of our products
Plastic sheets manufactured using different technologies and raw materials provide a solution for every use
Plastic sheets manufactured using different technologies and raw materials provide a solution for every use

The plastic sheet field is highly diverse. You will find different types of sheets: smooth, wavy, solid, and hollow. These plastic sheets are used for numerous applications, among them roofing, display stands, partitions, coverings, walls, greenhouses, shelves, electric equipment casings, and even panel screen protectors.

At Plazit Polygal you will find a solution for many of these applications. We specialized in broad technologies and in working with diverse raw materials, all to provide a solution to every need or project. The Group has several sites throughout the world, each specializing in a specific area. The site in Bulgaria, for example, is now at the forefront of the company’s recycling and PMMA polymer focus, while the site in Spain specializes in manufacturing cast sheets.

As recycling, sustainability, and striving to achieve a circular economy are of importance to the company and our customers, many of our products contain recycled material in varying percentages. Thus our manufacturing is environmentally responsible and we use the waste from a range of processes in manufacturing new plastic sheets.


Making Sense of Sheet Types

Solutions using plastic sheets can be divided according to several main properties: optical, chemical resistance, thermoforming, mechanical properties, and pressure resistance. Every sheet includes a specific combination of these main properties. The different technologies, combined with our raw materials, enable us to manufacture the optimal sheet to best suit your needs and application. Details about our plastic sheet products, focusing on the raw materials used to manufacture them and on their most suitable uses, are presented below.


Solid Plastic Sheets – Solid and Transparent

These plastic sheets are smooth, solid, and made from a variety of raw materials. Thickness can be up to 25 mm. By selecting the suitable raw material, combined with the appropriate thickness, these plastic sheets can be used for numerous applications. For example, solid sheets made of PMMA offer excellent transparency as well as erosion and UV resistance. This is why we find them in outdoor uses in which the optical properties are important, among them: roofing, windows, and shower stalls. For more challenging uses we can use cast PMMA sheets. These contain an especially high molecular weight polymer and are also suitable for challenging applications in terms of load-bearing, among them aquarium walls and vessel windows.

PC-made solid plastic sheets offer excellent mechanical strength and resistance, which earned them the name: transparent steel. We can find these solid PC sheets in applications such as transparent protective barriers in the industry, construction uses, and even in aircraft and car windows.

This is also the place to mention PETG, which is excellent in low processing temperatures and facilitates thermoforming according to the requested shape. Therefore, we will find it in display stands and the transparent plastic shields commonly used during the corona.

If you want a plastic sheet with a low-cost benefit ratio, the PS sheet will be your plastic sheet of choice. If you are looking for a  sheet that weighs even less than a PMMA sheet, the SAN sheet will provide a suitable solution while offering transparency as well as mechanical and chemical resistance.


Multiwall (MW) Plastic Sheets – Strong and Light

PC-made MW plastic sheets are hollow and have internal walls. The arrangement of these internal walls depends on the application and is tailored to the sheet’s carrying load. At Plazit-Polygal you can consult with us regarding the suitable structure of these walls, which is based on a calculation of the expected loads. We also support you concerning the suitable construction of the sheets. TOPICAL is one of our unique MW sheets and is supplied as a comprehensive system. These are sheets with curved edges and are intended for roofing. The sheets can be connected without screwing with a specifically designed profile that we offer.


Corrugated Plastic Sheets  – for Shaped Roofing

These plastic sheets are used for PC-made roofing and pergolas. Combined with UV coating the sheets provide good protection in withstanding and weathering external conditions. The corrugated geometry provides mechanical durability and the waviness is used for rain drainage.


Several Materials in One Sheet  – Benefiting from Combined Properties

Some of the plastic sheets we manufacture consist of layers made of different materials in a co-extrusion process. With this method, the sheet can be coated with a layer of UV protective coating in addition to other coatings. These additional coatings include antibacterial coating, coatings that screen certain wavelengths for agricultural and construction applications, and panels for screens and consumer products in which special co-extrusion is performed to achieve minimal contact between the layers to ensure transparency.


The Right Sheet for the Right Application

Our broad product range provides a comprehensive solution to our customers’ varied needs. The experience we have gained, combined with our proven R&D capabilities, enables us to continue to provide innovative solutions tailored to the needs of the market and the times. Furthermore, our extensive activity in the recycling field ensures that you will receive a solution for every need while protecting the environment and promoting the circular economy.

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