Polyblock – The multi wall (MW) Polycarbonate for Separation walls
This is only a summary of the beneficial nature that incorporating Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate for separation walls into your design can bring. Let's look below at a more in-depth breakdown of the various advantages you stand to gain by taking advantage of this excellent solution.
Polyblock – The multi wall (MW) Polycarbonate for Separation walls

Polyblock – The multi wall (MW) Polycarbonate for Separation walls in Home Greenhouses Hosting Cannabis, Polyblock – 0% light transmission!!

For a long time, glass home Greenhouses had been the only standard for growing a whole slew of plant types in a supportive environment. More recently, it’s hard to deny the benefits of using Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate separation walls for home Greenhouses dedicated to cannabis cultivation.

We at Plazit-Polygal have dedicated ourselves to developing an innovative solution specially designed for home Greenhouses that host medical cannabis. With Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate panels in the mix, you get better greenhouse operation where thermal, light, UV, and other supporting components are concerned.

This is only a summary of the beneficial nature that incorporating Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate for separation walls into your design can bring. Let’s look below at a more in-depth breakdown of the various advantages you stand to gain by taking advantage of this excellent solution.



The main feature of Polyblock – 0% light transmission

Growing medical cannabis requires perfect timing during hours of light exposure and hours when the plant must be in complete darkness. The Polyblock provides exactly what the plant needs, complete opacity for light transmission, so the grower can control the time of exposure to light.

Thanks to the optimal control of exposure considering the growing output of the plant will increase and provide a quality inflorescence.

With 0% light transmission only the Polyblock can help to control the light exposure on this delicate plant and bring it to the high quality you need.



We don’t have to go over how fragile glass can be. You’ve seen it at work in various applications. While the glass in a greenhouse is not necessarily the same as that which comprises your cell phone screen, it’s still not the most durable material in the world. The structure of Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate material is conducive to tremendous durability, which means that it can handle many more damaging elements before requiring a replacement.

Even when that replacement does come to fruition, the lightweight nature of Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate panels makes for a straightforward installation process. There are also cost savings to derive here since you don’t need special contractors to install Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate sheeting as you likely would with glass. Feel free to handle repairs on your own without worrying about what kind of damage you’re going to be doing.


Insulation Capabilities

If you’re going to be growing medical cannabis, you require an environment with proper insulation. Maintaining a consistent and beneficial internal setting is a non-negotiable property of any greenhouse. Whether outside becomes incredibly warm or incredibly cold, your greenhouse should be able to prevent an unwanted transfer of heat.

Plastic does better heat retention than glass. Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate material handles this property well, which means that having these separation walls as a part of your greenhouse design helps maintain the warmth that the cannabis needs to thrive.

This is one of the critical determining factors of how effective a greenhouse truly is.


Customization Options

While this is all dedicated to creating the best possible environment for your medical cannabis growth, this benefit almost exclusively revolves around the cultivator. When you have a glass greenhouse, your customization options where shapes and sizing are concerned have a limited depth. Even if you see a glass greenhouse that looks more highly customized than others, the chances are that the cost implication was a very steep one.

The natural composition of Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate panels lends itself to implicit customization. So, bask in the freedom of choice as you choose whatever separation wall configuration suits your unique needs.


Better Installation Process

We touched on this advantage briefly when we were discussing the durability factor synonymous with Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate separation wall solutions. As you could infer, the installation process that comes with implementing such a wall is not the most difficult. While glass installations require specific knowledge and potentially hiring contractors, this is not the case with the Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate alternative.

Even if you decide to take on the whole home greenhouse project on your own, you likely aren’t going to be working on it for more than a day. Choose any size where a greenhouse is concerned, and the glass alternative is always going to be on the less time and resource-efficient side of the installation spectrum.



There was a time in the past when we would not be able to say this about a Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate design. Back then, the material presented a much higher price tag. Interestingly, it was not as aesthetically pleasing as it is today. So, its utility was quite limited. Why would you pay more for something that you did not like the appearance of?

Thankfully, much has changed since that time. Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate separation wall solutions are now less expensive to get your hands on, and their aesthetic appeal has only gone from strength to strength. If you’re wondering why things got so much less expensive so suddenly, it was a progressive improvement of the chemical process used to make the material.

By creating a more efficient workflow for the Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate design, the lower cost could be passed to the consumer.


Growing Season Extension

Even with all the other benefits that come with Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate covering , one must evaluate a greenhouse’s performance based on this design to determine the feasibility of the material. With an extended growing season, the said performance is nothing short of excellent.

Sometimes, you need to supplement your greenhouse with artificial heating to maintain the surrounding that you want for plants. While you’re not going to be reaping any vegetables from medical cannabis, the material’s composition does not take away the need for supplementation to an extreme degree.

The less artificial heating you need to use, the less your electric bill is going to skyrocket. Additionally, you are often required to spend time paying attention to what you do with artificial heating since you may overdo it and achieve the opposite effect of the one you are going for. Having Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate panels in the mix removes all these problems or at least mitigates them to a substantial degree.


Creating the Perfect Environment for Medical Cannabis Growth

We at Plazit-Polygal stand behind our Multiwall Polycarbonates panel designs because of how suitable they are to cultivate medical cannabis. High levels are active photosynthetic radiation and excellent light diffusion are a must in cannabis development. It’s essential to retain the energy and foster light scattering to ensure that all the plants get the lighting they need.

In doing so, the greenhouse naturally gains the energy to maintain a high internal temperature continuously. MW Polycarbonate’s strength or weight ratio is nothing short of incredible. It also has a series of optical advantages and flexibility features. These yield tremendous light diffusion and transmission, as well as insulation for cannabis growth.

The combination of all these properties is why Polyblock Multiwall Polycarbonate is superior to glass roofing for medical cannabis requirements.


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