Polycarbonate – A Cost-Effective Alternative To Glass
Polycarbonate is a better investment than regular glass, as the former is much stronger and lasts a long time. Plazit Polygal is an industry leader in this type of installation, so contact us for our thermoplastic sheets. We offer a wide range of materials, but our polycarbonate is one of the most popular for several reasons.
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Polycarbonate – A Cost-Effective Alternative To Glass

Take a look outside your window – what do you see? You might not think much about glass beyond wiping your windows, but there is more to it than stains. Glass is a breakable material that allows more than 50% of UV rays to affect your skin. The good news is there is something you can do with a quick instalment; Plazit Polygal has you covered with polycarbonate.

When you consider a better investment for your windows and walls, an optimal solution is a polycarbonate. Plazit Polygal recognizes the need to replace conventional glass with a modern approach. Glass tends to be fragile, making it easy for break-ins. There is also a lack of heat regulation that often results in destructive UV rays entering your home. While glass is universally applicable for everyday life, you can still make the switch to a smarter replacement. One of the most effective alternatives to glass is polycarbonate.


What Is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a versatile material that does everything glass does but more efficiently. The material itself is transparent and thermoplastic, which means you can see through it like regular glass. Polycarbonate allows natural light into your household; with UV-layered protection, it prevents damage from harmful rays.

In terms of chemistry, a polycarbonate is a group that contains thermoplastic polymers. Due to this material’s flexible nature, it can skillfully be crafted as a windowpane of glass. It’s a highly technical process, but once complete, you have an elastic material. These are considerably tough components, which make them invaluable for several reasons. From extra strength to temperature regulation, homeowners can enjoy a viable alternative to glass.

In recent years, polycarbonate has become a popular replacement for regular glass. Due to the clear advantages and easy instalment, polycarbonate is a no-brainer for homeowners looking to lower their energy bills. Consider what else this alternative can do for you.


Why You Should Consider Making The Switch

Due to the versatility of polycarbonate, it consistently outranks glass in significant categories. Polycarbonate is 250x more potent than regular glass panels. As a result of these protective layers, intruders have a more difficult time trying to break in. Despite the appearance, polycarbonate is also more lightweight than glass. The quick installation makes polycarbonate a reliable safety procedure. Set up with a security system, you can sleep more peacefully at night.

Polycarbonate is also more thermal resistant, thanks to the insulation of the materials. It’s a cost-effective measure to ensure you lower your energy bills. More often than not, homeowners can save on heating and cooling expenses with proper insulation. Polycarbonate provides you with the means to do so. Since polycarbonate can last over a decade, you end up saving a ton of money throughout these several years. UV protection also prevents sunburn and skin damage. You don’t have to get rid of your outside view to solve this problem – just use polycarbonate.

Glass windows allow you to look outside with a beautiful view of your surroundings. With the switch to polycarbonate, you can still retain this aspect of your home experience. Polycarbonate is stronger, more durable, and thermodynamic; you can make the most with these materials. You can use thermoplastic sheets for various reasons, including windows, acoustic walls, and roofing systems.


Our Mission At Plazit Polygal

Plazit Polygal is a company that continues to manufacture polycarbonate panels for numerous industries across the globe. From the United States to Eurasia, we are among the world leaders in thermoplastic panels. There are six production sites in the world, as we strive to innovate with our groundbreaking products. Over 45 years of experience speaks for itself – Plazit Polygal uses a combination of strength, durability, and versatility in our polycarbonate items.

Our quality is unmatched, as our production lines set a high standard with performances. We use advanced procedures for our thermoplastic sheets. Our primary goal is to provide you with a cost-effective alternative to glass, ranging from special coatings to light transmissions. We understand there is a market for this type of product, which is why we continue to lead in this particular field. Our global presence means we hear your voices.


The Products We Sell

Plazit Polygal offers several types of polycarbonate sheets for your disposal; We have everything from solid to multi-wall sheets, which all provide thermo-resistant technology and resilience. You can apply these plastic sheets to various architectures, such as interior walls and windows. For visual communication and sound quality, you can use extra-thin optical sheets for acoustic walls. We also offer sheets for horticulture and fabrication purposes.

Before you buy, consider the benefits of thermoplastic sheets. Plazit Polygal provides outdoor applications with the means to lower your energy bills and protect your home. You can significantly improve the quality of life within your home as long as you purchase these products.

Here are five of the main benefits you receive with our polycarbonate installation:


  • 100% UV cane blocking
  • Enhancement of acoustics
  • Excellent thermal effects
  • Consistent durability and strength
  • Potential hurricane protection


100% UV Cane Blocker

UV rays only amount to a small percentage of sunlight, yet they can have damaging effects. For example, radiation causes premature skin aging and eye damage. Without shielding yourself from these rays, you are prone to long-term illness like skin cancer. However, there is no need to worry about thermoplastic sheets since they use cane blockers for maximum protection.

If you want to protect your eyes and skin during hot summer days, there is no better way to do it with polycarbonate. Thermoplastic sheets allow you 100% protection from UV rays, thanks to several defensive layers of radiation-blocking material. We have it down to a science when it comes to the manufacturing process.

Regular polycarbonate doesn’t guarantee complete UV protection, but our products do. We ensure there are methods to prevent radiation damage. Our production lines specifically add a special coating to block UV light. You can still enjoy a healthy dose of Vitamin D from the sun with our polycarbonate windows. Sunlight can be beneficial, which is why we filter out the rays you need and the ones you don’t.

The protective coating is clear and transparent, which means you can still look through your windows without any issue. Our products are entirely see-through, even when we add extra layers of UV-blocking materials. You no longer have to worry about long-term damage from sunlight into your household when you install our thermoplastic sheets. We take great care to ensure everything works the way it should.


Acoustics Enhancer

Acoustics refers to sound transmission within your home. If you want to relax and listen to your favorite music, you might be distracted by outside interference. Whether there is a dog barking or a party outside, you need to use polycarbonate to reduce these noise levels.

The thermoplastic sheets we use have a double layer we bind together. It’s a technical process, but our manufacturers go a step beyond with their world-class engineering. We make sure to apply this sound barrier to enhance your acoustic experience. With polycarbonate, you can hear indoor music without potential outdoor distractions.

Polycarbonate soundproofs your entire household, so you can get the peace and quiet you need for an afternoon nap. It’s best to install these sheets wherever you want an outdoor viewpoint, such as your living room. You can enjoy the sights of your outdoor area while listening to the sounds of your current room.


Excellent Thermal Effects

Due to the chemical makeup of polycarbonate, there are several thermal effects. One of the more noticeable ones is heat resistance. Since polycarbonate uses protective layers against UV rays, it also prevents excess heat from entering your household. Polycarbonate also retains heat, which allows your heating systems to do their job without overworking themselves.

Speaking of insulation, polycarbonate also regulates the passage of heat, electricity, and wind. One of the main reasons you pay extra on energy bills is because glass windows tend to have cracks or openings. When heat escapes your home or cool air enters, you might raise the temperature settings to stay warm. For this reason, you can reduce energy costs with polycarbonate installation.

Insulation also prevents noise pollution from the outside, such as incoming traffic. Imagine yourself inside a warm household, listening to Christmas music in the middle of the holidays. You can do all this thanks to the thermal effects of polycarbonate.


Considerably Durable

One of the main advantages of polycarbonate is the sheer durability factor. As previously mentioned, polycarbonate is 250x stronger than standard glass. In terms of impact resistance, polycarbonate is much higher than the likes of fiberglass and nylon. Thermoplastics tend to bend over time, but our products last a long time without degradations. Polycarbonate is meant to resist force without any cracks within.

There is also resistance to chemicals, temperature, and scratches. Consider this – you can put polycarbonate underwater at 20,000 feet. It would still take some time before it breaks, which proves how durable this material truly is. Polycarbonate is also a great security measure against potential intruders. Glass breaks quite easily, but intruders are in for a surprise when they realize they can’t break through the polycarbonate.

For your convenience, the lightweight nature of polycarbonate means we can install it anywhere in your home. Our team can get the job rather quickly since it’s an easy task to perform. Whether you need it for windows or enclosures, polycarbonate has the strength, durability, and resilience to protect your home.


Potential Hurricane Protection

Hurricanes cause immense damage to households, given the high wind velocity and heavy floods. If you live in coastal areas, you need to prepare yourself for the possibility of a storm. Glass windows aren’t enough to protect flying objects from crashing into them. For this reason, polycarbonate is a better investment than glass.

Due to the high-impact resilience of polycarbonate panels, you can significantly reduce damage to your household. We can safely install these panels in secure locations. Polycarbonate is easy to cut, so this allows us to craft the materials you need. We can also cut specific sizes to fit your panels, so we consider our measurements.

Hurricane season can be dangerous not only to yourself but also to your financial situation. A damaged home requires extensive repair, especially from environmental causes. The excellent news is polycarbonate panels can provide you protection just in case. Consider staying one step ahead with these thermoplastic sheets.


How You Can Contact Us

We offer professional services with our polycarbonate installation. If you want to set up an appointment with us, use our main website (plazit-polygal.com). We have corporations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, but we also serve Africa and Australia. On our main website, you can contact us to describe a specific request.

Type in the subject of what you want to talk about, along with your name and email address. You can also add your company name and country, but it’s entirely optional. After you describe your request, you need to verify you’re not a robot and hit the submit button. A representative can be in touch with you shortly afterwards. We serve clients worldwide, so consider our services if you want a cost-effective alternative to glass.


In Summary

Polycarbonate is a better investment than regular glass, as the former is much stronger and lasts a long time. Plazit Polygal is an industry leader in this type of installation, so contact us for our thermoplastic sheets. We offer a wide range of materials, but our polycarbonate is one of the most popular for several reasons.

Provide your household with the insulation it needs to reduce energy costs. Polycarbonate prevents the loss of heat, air, and electricity, which makes it easier for your heating and cooling systems. You also protect yourself from harmful UV rays with double-layered protective layers.

Plazit Polygal makes it our mission to provide you with excellent service with our products. Consider replacing your glass with our cost-effective polycarbonate materials.

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