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THERMOGAL – Isolation Sheets

Thermogal: Unique inner X-brace structure provides extra strength, rigidity and thermal insulation. Available in different widths and colors. Ideal for low-pitched roofs and for glazing in closed structures with large-span openings. Thermogal sheets are manufactured with different thickness ranging from 20 to 32 mm

Thermogal Super: 16, 20 and 32 mm polycarbonate multi wall sheets. A 32 mm Thermogal Super with-11 walls and 16 and 20 mm sheet with-10 walls, specially manufactured with a clear tint appearance. This product provides excellent thermal insulation.
Ideal for low pitched roofs, cladding and glazing in closed structures and high insulation requirements.

  • Suitable for cold climates - extremely low U-Value
  • Save on heating energy costs
  • Bright, transparent look, large range of colors, shades and reflective coatings
  • Covered by 10 Year Warranty for color, light transmission and strength
  • Can be cold-bent to recommended radius
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