Shading for the Summer with Shading Sheets
Shading for the Summer with Shading Sheets

The Israeli summer can be particularly hot and muggy. The heat stress, along with high levels of humidity, can make it almost unbearable to be outdoors, away from the air conditioner. Even in homes with a yard, garden, or veranda, being outside can be frustrating – unless there is a high-quality shading solution that both provides shade and insulates against the heat.

Without this, the garden or veranda – instead of serving as pleasant places to spend quality with friends and family, can easily become heat and sweat traps. Luckily, there are several effective commercially available solutions for this. One of them is the use of Plazit-Polygal’s sheets (Polyshade color) to provide that high-quality shading that protects against the intense heat.

The solution – shading with Plazit-Polygal’s Shading Sheets (Polyshade Color)

Since the summertime heat stress is intense, it is important for the shading solution to be comprehensive: it must protect not only against the intense heat and high temperatures, but it also has to provide solar radiation protection. Prolonged exposure to solar UV radiation can be very dangerous to our skin. You can build a shading solution for your garden or veranda with Plazit-Polygal’s Shading Sheets (Polyshade Color), which provide 100% protection against the dangerous radiation.

Shading Sheets (Polyshade Color) from Plazit-Polygal are manufactured in Israel of a thermoplastic material (polycarbonate). They can withstand strong winds without breaking. The main advantage of multilayer shading sheets (Polyshade Color) is its thermal insulation, which is achieved through two properties – air and a radiation-reflecting color (reflective color).

Air as a thermal insulator – in a multilayer sheet, air (which is the best insulator) is trapped between the sheet walls, forming the sheet’s basic insulation layer. This contrasts with solid sheets, which do not have such a layer of air.

Reflective color – Polyshade consists of aluminum raffinates, which form a protective layer on the side of the sheet facing the sun. The reflective effect of this color means that approximately 70% of the sun’s heating rays get reflected away from the space below, reducing the amount of ambient heat.

The Sheets’ Advantages Compared with Other Shading Solutions

High thermal insulation along with the multilayer sheets’ flat structure, fracture strength and resistance to strong winds, all combine to deliver an optimal shading configuration that can integrate with all kinds of structures, whether arched, lean-to, or gabled or any combination of these (subject to the radius restriction for each sheet thickness).

It is thus possible to design your veranda roofing with a flat decorative element. Plazit-Polygal’s multilayer sheets allow you to add an aesthetic design to your yard while gaining both protection against the sun’s heat and its UV radiation.

The Plazit-Polygal multilayer sheets are approved by the Standards Institute of Israel and bear the Standard Seal. All sheets come with a 10-year warranty which is conditional upon their being installed in accordance with the installation instructions.

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