Why Use Multiwall Polycarbonate in Building and Construction?
Plazit-Polygal is not only a polycarbonate production business though, they have numerous industries dedicated to help people with their projects and constructions, them being; architecture, interior design, visual communication, DIY, horticulture, acoustic walls, extra thin optical sheets, and of course, the fabrication of their product and its design.
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Why Use Multiwall Polycarbonate in Building and Construction?

Having a handful of uses, Multiwall Polycarbonate easily found its way into various businesses since its first distribution. The properties of Multiwall Polycarbonate make it a versatile material to work with. However, since Multiwall Polycarbonate started being distributed, the construction industry knew exactly how to exploit and use the advantages of this material.


The possibilities with Multiwall Polycarbonate are not short, nor difficult to execute, making it an affordable and easy material to work with. You can use it to make major decorations in a building or to make a transparent roof that is both functional and safe. As said before, Multiwall Polycarbonate’s properties give it tons of advantages, so these are some of the reasons why Multiwall Polycarbonate should be used in buildings and constructions:



One of the greatest features of Multiwall Polycarbonate is its high impact and flammable resistance, making it way more profitable than other materials such as glass or acrylic. This doesn’t undermine or jeopardizes its other properties, but reinforces them.


A great example of how resistant Multiwall Polycarbonate can be is that it is often used to make bullet-proof glasses for protection in all kinds of buildings. This high-level resistance is thanks to the Multiwall double T structure.  This structure comes from the iron industry, but with Multiwall Polycarbonate you can get a light weight panel with high strength.


That kind of protection is essential when you are getting prepared to start the construction of a project or looking for the materials adequate for it. People have lost lots of money because of the expenses of broken materials and repairing damaged structures, but this doesn’t happen with Multiwall Polycarbonate.


Apart from that, it has surprising longevity, lasting at least 10 years and even up to 15 years. Plazit-Polygal offers a 10 years warranty. That makes choosing this material not only safe for you and the structure of a building, but also affordable since it is unusual that Multiwall Polycarbonate needs repairing or replacing soon after you use it.



The weight of certain materials is an important feature to take into consideration when selecting your construction materials. While a heavy material can be difficult to set and transport from place to place, a lighter option is optimal since the costs needed to deal with the installation of the construction assets are significantly reduced.


Multiwall Polycarbonate, being six times lighter than the standard glass, is a better choice when dealing with buildings because of the easiness of transporting it, lifting it, and handling it.


Light objects have a problem though, and it is that most of the time, materials are equally light and fragile, so they are likely to break and damage the structure or even crew members; Multiwall Polycarbonate is the exception. Since it is highly resistant, it can be maneuvered around with total confidence, which makes the process a workable and safe environment.



Many properties that make Multiwall Polycarbonates so useful come from thermoplastics. These kinds of materials are capable of being moldable and pliable when reaching high temperatures, and without being degraded at any level, they are cooled again into their new shape.


This feature makes Multiwall Polycarbonate a great asset in construction because it can address both the contractor and client needs by easily adapting to the shape they require for the building, making it more viable than other materials.


Its malleability doesn’t only make Multiwall Polycarbonate a versatile material to work with, but also a recyclable one. The possibility of reshaping it makes available the remains of previous jobs to be recycled and used without causing any significant damage to the environment.


Light Transmission

When people need a material able to transmit light, they often think of glass as their primary option, at least it was like that before Multiwall Polycarbonate appeared. The brittleness of glass plus the constant danger of glass shards makes using it as a light transmitter quite risky.  Since Multiwall Polycarbonate doesn’t present those problems, is the perfect choice for the job.


Natural light is important to any building since it not only saves energy during the day, but also adds up to the aesthetic look.  Whether if you want light for a greenhouse or just a skylight for your home, Multiwall Polycarbonate assures you up to 80% of light transmission; which is considered to provide natural light to make your house a warmer environment.


Not only is it efficient and safe, but also more affordable than other materials. That is because Multiwall Polycarbonate is less expensive than glass and requires less framing to be placed, so the costs of setting it are reduced while the material gives you a better light transmission.


It is also worth knowing that Multiwall Polycarbonate gives you perfect protection from UV rays, blocking 100% of the UV radiation. That makes Multiwall Polycarbonate the best option for dealing with light transmitters since UV can be harmful to humans.


Aesthetic Possibilities

The advantages of Multiwall Polycarbonate are not limited to being a material easy to manage but can get your projects to a whole new perspective by being a great asset in the aesthetic of the place. Multiwall Polycarbonate is available in many colors, creating infinite variations for you to try.


Multiwall Polycarbonate façades have become popular through the years and have been the object of multiple ideas made to enhance the looks and design of interiors. For example, by illuminating the interior properly, the façade will create a lantern building at night. These kinds of effects have also been used to show advertisements and publicity.


It is remarkable that Multiwall Polycarbonate has been used in several artworks, sculptures, and architectural designs, making the life of artists and workers way easier by giving them a material that can easily be molded in to anything they want it to become.


Great Insulator

Roofing is something you have to take care of before it presents any problem that can affect your household or building. Multiwall Polycarbonate is very popular among roofers and contractors because of its thermal insulation properties. While some spend tons of time and money in engineering to guarantee themselves a good thermal insulator, Multiwall Polycarbonate is the perfect insulator by itself.


Heat flow is a serious issue that can cause big problems to your building. An enormous heat flow can overcharge your air conditioning system, making your energy bills surge higher than they should be. That’s why Multiwall Polycarbonate is a great investment that saves a lot of your money.


Multiwall Polycarbonate, as a great thermal insulator, can produce air pockets in your building, which significantly enhances its thermal performance. To guarantee excellent insulation, it is necessary to install Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets, since the multiple laying of the material helps to improve the process.


Where Can You Get MULTIWALL Polycarbonates for Your Building?

Of course, before you dive into the world of Multiwall Polycarbonates, you need a team that supports you and advises you on which type of Multiwall Polycarbonate to choose and how to apply it. Plazit-Polygal can be the company that helps you to solve your doubts, but not only that, because it is also a renowned Multiwall Polycarbonate producer.


Always assuring you greatness, Plazit-Polygal has been producing Multiwall Polycarbonates for over 43 years, having centers of productions in six different places around the world. With their innovative and ground-breaking actions, they have been the head of the Multiwall Polycarbonate business for years and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.


Plazit-Polygal is not only a Multiwall Polycarbonate production business though. They also have numerous additional offerings dedicated to help people with their projects and constructions, them being; architecture, interior design, visual communication, DIY, horticulture, acoustic walls, extra thin optical sheets, and of course, the fabrication of their product and its design.



Multiwall Polycarbonate has proven its worth on every occasion that it had been used; being a versatile, useful, and strong material. Its easiness to be managed for working crews makes it optimal for big projects and constructions. That adding up to the fact that is a resistant and safe material that is always going to fulfill its duty excellently.


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